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The Father Of Her 60th Child, Wants More Children Begum | আমাদের পজিটিভ বাংলাদেশ
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The Father of her 60th child, wants more children Begum

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The Father of her 60th child
The Father of her 60th child

The Father of her 60th child, wants more children Begum


Sardar Haji Jan Muhammad Khan, a resident of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, Pakistan, claimed to have become the father of his 60th child on Sunday. He told that five of the children had died, while the rest were healthy.


But he will not stop now, ‘God willing’ he wants to father more children.


That is why Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan has also planned a fourth marriage.

Fifty-year-old Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan is a resident of Quetta’s Eastern Bypass area and a member of the Khalji tribe.

He is a doctor and has a clinic in the area.

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan named his 60th child Khushal Khan.

He said, “I took Khushal’s mother for Umrah before he was born, that’s why I will call him (the new born child) Haji Khushal Khan.”

He was asked whether he remembered the names of so many children.

He replied, “Why not?

It should be mentioned here that Pakistan is one of the eight countries that will contribute to the growth of the total population of the world by 2050.

Global population growth has been declining since the 1960s, and was less than one percent in 2020, according to UN data.

But while the population growth rate in the world is below one percent, in Pakistan it is now 1.9 percent.

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan said that he wants to marry for the fourth time and therefore he is looking for a bride.

The Father of her 60th child, wants more children Begum

He said, “I have asked all my friends to find me a bride for my fourth marriage. I am getting old, so I want to finish the marriage soon.”

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan said that not only he alone wants more children, but his wives also want more children.

Their children have more daughters than sons.

Some of the children are over 20 years of age, but none of them are yet married and are studying.

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan said that he does not have any big business, he has to handle all expenses only with the income of the clinic.

Although there was no problem with the children before, in the last three years, due to the massive inflation in Pakistan, she has been in trouble with the family expenses.

“The business and trade situation is bad, the prices of all the daily essentials including flour, ghee and sugar have tripled.

All people of Pakistan, people of the world are suffering due to inflation. It has had a severe impact on me too,” he said.

The Father of her 60th child, wants more children Begum

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan tries to keep his children happy all the time, and for that he does not touch anyone, but works hard.

All children are being educated.

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan said that even though he did not ask anyone for help in raising children, as a citizen of the state, his children also have the right to get all the facilities.

He claimed that it would have been beneficial if he had been given any allowance for having more children.

Jan Muhammad Khan said that he himself likes to travel, and wants to visit different places of Pakistan with his children.

When children were young, it was not difficult to squeeze them into a car to get around. But now that is not possible in a car.

He claimed that if the government had reduced the transport fare for his children, they could have easily traveled all over Pakistan.

Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan is another example of father of many children in Balochistan.

Earlier, a man from Balochistan named Abdul Majeed Mengal made headlines by having six marriages, and fathering 54 children.

Abdul Majid Mengal passed away last month at the age of 75.

His two wives and 12 children died during his lifetime.

The Father of her 60th child, wants more children Begum


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